i sadly dont have internets ;-; so if anyone messages me i wont be able to reply im sorry TT_TT i will this place and watching anime…

i ask that question alot

i ask that question alot

well im off the cut my hair and off to a fresh start

Get to Know Me: 3/5 Favorite Characters

»> L

Smile, Dear.

in this world of lost moments i begin my life anew;


Just 40 seconds for this? How it’s possible? He’s so perfect.

Tamaki Suoh || OHSHC
Corpse Party

i am almost done with corpse party, i-i think im dreaming i been wanting to play it for so long *cry tears of joy* i loved it, its amazing, the art, plot, and the voice acting really draws into the game, if anyone never played it and wants to i could help, just ask i’d love to :D